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GOW III glitch opens a Pandora's Box of exploits

Word is out about a potentially big glitch in God of War III that allows players to start a new game with all weapons unlocked and at max power to boot. The glitch can only be unlocked after the player has beaten the game’s story mode once, and completed the challenges, but it makes potential trophy earning on subsequent playthroughs easier than Paris Hilton after a bottle of Cristal. In fact, upon activating the glitch, the player automatically receives the silver “Max Out” trophy awarded for having all the weapons at maximum strength.

Above: Kratos reads the headline

The glitch also substantially cuts down the time required to play the game, as it allows large sections to be skipped since the player has weapons that unlock areas before they are supposed to. One article does claim that the game will crash while using the glitch though. A section involving the Nemean Cestus weapon and the Three Judges does not respond well to hax apparently. It's also worth mentioning that glitches like this can be as dangerous as they are helpful, so be careful and make an additional save file.

Above: The last thing someone using the glitch will ever see

To activate the glitch, do the following:

1. Unlock Combat Arena by beating the story once and then clearing the Challenges of Olympus mode.

2. In the Combat Arena option screen, set Kratos’ Health to “Level 1” and difficulty to “Titan.” Set up the Enemies option with creatures that can kill you quickly and start the battle.

3. In the Combat Arena, die five times in a row and the game will prompt you to switch to Easy mode. Select “No” to exit to the main menu.

4. From the main menu, select “New Game” and the difficulty of your choice to activate the glitch.

Gamers interested in the exploit would be wise to use it ASAP as Sony is unlikely to let a big glitch like this remain available for very long.

Mar 26, 2010

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