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Godfall is one of the first PS5 games to go gold

(Image credit: Counterplay Games)

Godfall has gone gold, making it one of the first upcoming PS5 games to publicly lock in its progress and prepare for manufacturing.

Developer Counterplay Games shared the news on its official Twitter account this afternoon, the day after Godfall was confirmed to be a PS5 launch game. It's an especially momentous occasion since the team was working on Godfall from home - an arrangement which has led to delays for many projects.

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Godfall is in the habit of setting next-gen firsts; when it debuted in December 2019, it was the first game to officially announce it was headed for PS5. It's also coming to PC via the Epic Games Store.

"Going gold" means the developers have locked in the content for the initial version of the game: the game as it stands at this moment is what will be sent to manufacturers and pressed onto Blu-ray discs. It was a bigger milestone in the days before games received automatic updates (including Day One patches, which fix glitches and add content before players can even see the initial version) but it's still a big step.

Counterplay Games has confirmed that Godfall won't follow the live service structure of fellow loot driven games such as Destiny 2 and Marvel's Avengers, so you shouldn't expect seasons worth of content to follow whatever is available at launch. Still, technical producer Richard Heyne has said "there is plenty of content for the player to dig into" once they finish the main campaign.

We know the PS5 price, so it's time to start searching for PS5 pre-orders. 

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