Godfall won't have microtransactions or follow 'games as a service' model

(Image credit: Counterplay Games)

Godfall (opens in new tab) will have plenty to do after the main boss is defeated, but that content won't come by way of microtransactions, Counterplay Games has confirmed.

In an interview with Arekkz Gaming (opens in new tab), Technical Producer Richard Heyne was asked whether Godfall follows the oft-maligned 'games as a service' model or a more traditional content structure that allows players to 100% complete the game. "So there is an experience you can complete," Heyne said, before summarizing the main campaign involving the mad God Macros and the Skybreaker Monolith in the middle of Godfall.

"That being said, there is replayable content. There is end-game content, and there is more for the player to explore and revisit once they have completed their ascent of the Skybreaker Monolith. We don't consider the game a service. There are no microtransactions in Godfall, but we are planning that there is plenty of content for the player to dig into once Macros is defeated."

Exactly what that endgame involves is fuzzy at this point, but Heynes says it'll bring you back to the divided realms of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit, which you'll explore in different ways from the main campaign. Regardless, it sounds like there's a lot more to Godfall than the main campaign. "In some ways, you're really only scratching the surface [with the campaign]," Heyne teases.

Godfall is an upcoming looter-slasher coming to PS5 (opens in new tab) and PC in the Holiday 2020 season.

Counterplay Games' foray into the next generation is just one of the many upcoming PS5 games (opens in new tab) we're hyped for.

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