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God of War, Spider-Man, Red Dead 2 - Days of Play discounts on PS4 games end Monday

PS4's Days of Play 2019 event begins and brings with it huge discounts on some massive titles

PlayStation’s Days of Play event is back! Right now, on both sides of the Atlantic, there is a whole host of PlayStation titles on sale. These range from the basically brand new releases - Days Gone is down to a heavily reduced $39.99 - to still-gargantuan single-player exclusives of last year like God of War and Marvel's Spider-Man (the latter going right down to $19.99). Not to mention other mega hits such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition. Prices range between $10-$40, edging us firmly into ‘crazy-good value’ territory. We've pulled out the best deals for you here.

Of course, you could wait and see what the Amazon Prime Day game deals bring in July, but these are some stand out deals and we'd recommend striking while the iron's hot.

Best deal today

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition | $9.99 at Walmart (save $30)
I'd like to report a robbery, because that's a damn steal.
UK price: £15.99 on PS Store

Days of Play runs alongside E3 2019, going some way to fill the hole left by PlayStation’s absence at the expo. And it certainly helps; the full list of discounted games is nearly 80 strong. That doesn’t include the wealth of low-cost DLC which accompanies them, either. What’s more, there are plenty of console savings (like this exclusive Days of Play 2019 PS4), merchandise offers, and PSVR deals to tempt you. Amazing PS4 accessories are included in the offer, too. For instance, Sony’s Gold and Platinum wireless headsets and PS Plus subscriptions have also had amazing reductions. If you want one of the best PS4 headsets for less, you shouldn’t miss it.

Want to see the full list of discounted products in the US? Head over to the PlayStation Blog. For the UK version, just click here.

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Days of Play's best game deals

Days Gone | $39.99 on Amazon
A bleak open-world adventure in a sort-of-zombie-but-not apocalypse, Days Gone is definitely worth your attention for that discounted price. The swarm mechanics alone are impressive.
UK price: £39.99 on Amazon (Exclusive-to-Amazon Steelbook edition)View Deal

God of War Digital Deluxe Edition | $19.99 at Walmart (save $20)
An exceptional action game that more than earns its 2018 'Game of the Year' status. A continuation of the GoW saga, it sees Kratos building a new life/punching Norse gods really hard in the face.
UK price: £24.99 on AmazonView Deal

Marvel's Spider-Man | $19.99 at Walmart (save $40)
Another superb PS4 exclusive. Ratchet and Clank developer Insomniac do for Spider-Man what Rocksteady did for the Dark Knight. The results don't disappoint.
UK price: £24.99 on AmazonView Deal

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition | $9.99 at Walmart (save $30)
This open-world adventure has become one of the PS4's top exclusives - it blew us away in 2018, so we'd highly recommend picking it up for that offensively low price right now.
UK price: £15.99 on PS StoreView Deal

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice | $47.63 at Walmart (save $10)
From Software's latest action RPG/death-sim takes us to Feudal Japan. However, the foes you'll face there are just as terrifying as anything in Dark Souls or Bloodborne.
UK price: £45.62 on AmazonView Deal

Red Dead Redemption 2 | $34.99 at Walmart (save $25)
Rockstar's return to the Wild West and Red Dead Redemption is simply astounding in depth, visuals, and more. There's a reason it was included in so many Game of the Year lists.
UK price: £34.24 on AmazonView Deal

Tetris Effect | $19.99 on Amazon (save $20)
They don't make them like they used to, right? Well, not in this case. Tetris Effect is pretty damn exceptional, and it has built something of a cult following.
UK price: £24.40 on AmazonView Deal

The Division 2 (UK) | £27.59 on Amazon
Washington DC has fallen. The Division 2 tasks you with taking it back... and looking damn cool while doing so. Team up with your friends for Ubisoft's excellent loot shooter.View Deal

Borderlands Game of the Year Edition (UK) | £15.99 on PS Store (save £10)
The bonkers FPS loot shooter returns with remastered visuals and enough co-op action to keep you and your buddies busy for weeks. It's also a good way to prepare for Borderlands 3.View Deal

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