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Get a whopping £100 off the SteelSeries Arctis Pro at Currys

Get a whopping £100 off the SteelSeries Arctis Pro at Currys

The truly excellent SteelSeries Arctis Pro reduced by about 40% at Currys right now, with the tech retailer selling it for just £149.99. is is a truly excellent headset, perfect for those that participate in longer online multiplayer sessions or those on any professional or esports scene. However, speaking more broadly, it is easily one of the best headsets to have overall and if you prefer to future proof yourself with your gear then this really is an excellent opportunity. It’s also worth mentioning that Currys is also offering £100 off the wireless version of the headset with that now down to £199.99, bringing that down by a third of its usual price; exceptional for those who prefer an untethered gaming setup.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro gaming headset for just £149.99 at Currys right now
One of the best headsets around is 40% off at Currys, perfect if you've been holding out for a quality headset or solid upgrade. (The wireless version is also heavily discounted at Currys with 33% off here.) View Deal

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro’s high-res audio system is industry leading in its clarity and range, while the option to bypass your console or PC’s sound processing DAC with SteelSeries' own GameDAC peripheral accentuates the quality of this sound. To get the most of the headset though, it's worth adding, you do have to know what the DAC is and how to operate it - worth checking out beforehand but it should be manageable for most home gamers. All of its features are fully customizable via the peripheral's OLED menu, too, while the headset's alloy build also looks and feels high-end. If you're looking to customise your set-up to get a truly bespoke, high-quality sound then this is one of the best headsets you can buy.

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