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Get a PlayStation Classic for just £20 with this SIM-only deal

Get a PlayStation Classic for just £20 with this SIM-only deal

Would you like a helping of sentimentality with a new SIM deal? Fonehouse have got an offer on a 1-month EE contract that includes 4GB of mobile data, unlimited texts, unlimited minutes… and a PlayStation Classic for just £20. Because the retro console usually sets you back anywhere up to £89.99 by itself, that’s a ridiculous bargain - particularly if you happen to be on the hunt for a new sim-only deal for your mobile, or just coming out the end of a contract.

1-month SIM-only deal + PlayStation Classic is £20 on Fonehouse (save £60)
Fancy going back to the heady days of the 1990s? Fonehouse's deal should do the trick.View Deal

This deal is applicable for any SIM-free phone, but its appeal really lies in the fact that you’re not locked into a multi-year contract (as well as getting PlayStation Classic for free, obviously). The retro console has its flaws, but, as we mentioned in our review, this machine will have you “literally squealing with glee as you lift the adorably miniature PlayStation Classic out of the box, and realise that's it's exactly the same console as you remember just 45% smaller”. The PlayStation Classic comes with 20 games, including Final Fantasy VII, Rayman, Resident Evil Director's Cut, Twisted Metal, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6, and Grand Theft Auto. For those of a certain age, it’ll prove an entertaining way to enjoy some 90s gaming heritage.

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