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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Junk Junction chest locations [B1/B2/C1] - 14 chests total

1. South-western car stack

When you come through the southern gates to Junk, the first chest is on the car stack to the left.

2. Underneath the western building

Follow the path round to the left and up the metal stairs. Break through the floor to drop into this chest.

3. By the magnet crane

At the end of the platform attached to the western building is this chest, right next to the big magnet crane used for picking up cars.

4. North-western car stack

Head back to the western building and down the northern stairs. This chest is on the car stack in front of you.

5. First floor office building

Wander over to the main building in the middle. Head up the stairs and through the door on the first floor and you’ll find this chest behind a wooden crate.

6. Top floor office building

Head up the next flight of stairs and this chest is in the small room on the roof.

7. Above main office

At the other end of the main building is the office. Climb on top for this chest.

8. South-eastern corner 

Head outside of the office building and you’ll find this chest behind some metal fences in the south-east corner.

9. Eastern car stack

Head further east from the last chest and this one is on top of more crumpled cars.

10. Car crushing machine

On the northern side is the orange car crushing machine. Save this chest before it sees the same fate!

11. Garbage truck by film studio

Walk north-east from the main Junk Junction compound and you’ll find the film studio. This chest is in the garbage truck just over the hill.

12. Small hut

There are two huts by the film studio. This chest is in the one closest to the main studio, on top of the fridge.

13. Film studio 1

The first of two chests in the film studio is in the left corner right by the main doors, on top of some heavy duty shelves.

14. Film studio 2

Junk Junction’s final chest is at the back of the main hangar, on a raised platform between some crates and pallets.

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