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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Haunted Hills chest locations [B2/B3] - 12 chests total 

1. Back of the car

There’s a parked car just outside Haunted to the south. There’s often a chest on the back.

2. Hidden tomb

Head to the western side and the first proper tomb you come across has no way in. Break a wall to find a chest.

3. & 4. Main tomb

There are two chests facing each other in the main tomb.

5. Bat gravestone

Next to the main tomb is a huge gravestone with a bat on top. There’s usually a chest beneath.

6. North-western tomb 1

Right next to the bat gravestone is another tomb with a chest at the end.

7. North-western tomb 2

Next to that one is a partially buried tomb with another chest.

8. Raised tomb 1

Across the path is a bigger tomb with a basement. This chest is on the ground level.

9. Raised tomb 2

Underneath the last chest is another in the dirt.

10. Church tower

At the top of the church tower is another chest. 

11. Church hall

In the main room of the church is where you’ll find a chest on a coffin.

12. Church basement

The final Haunted chest is in the church basement.

Fortnite Haunted Hills Castle chest locations [B2] - 9 chests total

1. South-west tower bottom

Starting in the south-west tower, there’s a chest on a small broken ledge near the bottom.

2. South-west tower top

In the same tower, you’ll find a chest at the very top.

3. South-east tower

Cross to the south-eastern tower for another chest.

4. Centre stairs

Head to the centre of the castle and you’ll find a chest up the stairs by the statue.

5. Centre south-west tower

Head back down the stairs and take a right at the statue. There’s a chest in the inner south-west tower, hanging over a ledge.

6. Centre basement 1

Drop down the ledge next to the previous chest then break the floor beneath you for another chest.

7. Centre basement 2

Across the room, to the left of the chair and mounted deer head is another chest.

8. North-west tower

Leave to the north and go to the north-west tower to find a chest up one level.

9. North-east tower

Head to the opposite tower for the final chest here.

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