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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Pleasant Park chest locations [C3/C4] - 17 chests total

1. Modern house garage

In the south-eastern corner of Pleasant is a house that is much more modern than the rest. Look in the garage for a chest.

2. Football pitch centre circle

To the west is a football pitch. A chest can spawn in the kick-off circle.

3. Broken house attic 1

At the other side of the football pitch is a house with a tree crashing through it. Break through the roof at the highest point to find this chest.

4. Broken house attic 2

Next to where the tree has broken through is another chest.

5. Broken house basement

Head down to the basement to find this chest behind a crate.

6. Middle western house attic

In the next house along, you’ll find one chest in the attic.

7. Middle western house garage

Look in the garage of the same house for another chest raised above the door.

8. North-western blue house attic

The third house on the western side just has one chest in the attic.

9. North-western brick house attic

The brick house on the same corner has a chest in the attic.

10. North-western brick house garage

Check the attached garage for another chest.

11. Middle northern house attic

This house very rarely has good loot, but the smaller house on the northern side can have a chest in the attic.

12. North-eastern dog house

The brick house on the corner has a dog house round the back with a chest inside.

13. North-eastern house attic

Head inside and up to the attic for another chest.

14. North-eastern house living room roof

Go back down to the second floor and grab this chest above the living room.

15. Green house basement

On the other side of the gas station is a green painted house. This chest is in the basement.

16. Green house attic

Head upstairs and break your way through to the attic for another chest in the green house.

17. Picnic area

The final Pleasant Park chest is right in the middle, underneath the big gazebo.

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