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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Snobby Shores chest locations [A5] - 11 chests total

1. First house (from the south) basement shelves

In the first house, break the floor at the very front. One chest is right below you.

2. First house basement kitchen

On the other side of the wall, there’s a chest on top of the fridge.

3. Second house garden bar

Behind the bar in the garden of the second house is where you’ll find the third chest.

4. Second house attic

Head inside the second house and break your way into the attic for the next one.

5. Second house garage

The next chest is in the garage of the second house, raised above the door.

6. Third house bathroom

On the top floor of the third house is a bathroom with a fancy view. Also, there’s a chest taking a poop.

7. Third house chair room

This room is empty except for a chair and a chest. So it’s a chair room? Either way, it’s just opposite the bathroom.

8. Fourth house basketball bench

In the next house, there’s a bench next to the basketball court with a chest on top.

9. Fourth house attic

Break the roof to the attic to find another chest.

10. Fourth house basement bathroom

Head down the stairs to the basement and there’s another chest in the bathroom.

11. Fourth house garage

Above the garage in the fourth house is where you’ll find the final chest at Snobby. Interestingly, the fifth house doesn’t have a single chest.

Fortnite Supervillain Lair chest locations [B4] - 6 chests total

1. Mountain top

Climb to the very top of the mountain and you’ll find a chest in the open.

2. Top of lair

On top of the now significantly damaged lair, a chest sits perilously close to the edge overlooking Snobby Shores.

3. Bedroom

Inside the lair, head to the front and down into the ruined bedroom to find a chest next to a hole.

4. 5. & 6. Boarded up room

In the boarded up area where the small swimming pool used to be, you can now find up to three chests stuck in cobwebs on the walls.

Fortnite Sports Complex chest locations [C5] - 6 chests total

1. Back of the car

There’s a parked car to the north-west of the complex, amongst some trees. There’s a chest on the back. It’s that easy.

2. Swimming pool truck

In the swimming pool, a truck has crashed through the wall. No wonder it crashed, the driver can’t see anything with the chest on the bonnet!

3. Football stadium south-west corner

In the football stadium, there’s a platform in the south-west corner, above the toilets. There’s a chest up there, but you need to break the metal barriers.

4. Football stadium north-east corner

In the opposite corner is another chest, above the main entrances.

5. Mechanic workshop

In the building next to the football stadium, there’s a chest on ground level, inside the car repair garage.

6. Workshop stockroom

Head up the metal stairs and into the small stockroom for another chest.

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