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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Greasy Grove chest locations [B7/C7] - 15 chests total

1. South-east brick house attic

Starting with the house in the south-east corner, there is one chest in the attic.

2. South-east brick house garage

In the same house, there is a second chest above the garage.

3. Gazebo 

North of the brick house, there’s a chest under the gazebo along the pathway. 

4. South-eastern smaller house attic

In the next house along, there’s a chest in the attic.

5. South-eastern smaller house garage

Like the previous house, this one also has a chest above the garage.

6. Large eastern house attic

Despite being a much larger house than the others, this one only has one chest in the attic.

7. & 8. Shop counter

You’ll find two chests next to each other up the stairs in the shop in the centre of Greasy, behind the counter. 

9. Above stockroom 

Stand on the stairs in the shop and break the wall to the right. There’s a chest inside, right above the stockroom.

10. Bungalow attic

In the bungalow east of the shop is another chest in the attic.

11. North-eastern house attic

The house in the north-eastern corner is another one with a chest in the attic.

12. North-eastern dog house 

Head outside and there’s a chest in the dog house. Smash it to gain access.

13. Living room roof

Above the living room in the same building is another chest.

14. Durrr Burger Roof

Underneath the slanted roof of Durrr Burger is a chest. This one is easy to miss - break through the wall by the stairs inside for easy access.

15. Durrr Burger Basement

Head downstairs at the back of Durrr Burger to find the final chest in Greasy Grove.

Fortnite Viking Village chest locations [B6] - 11 chests total

1. End of the ship

Hanging off the end of the waterfall at the end of the viking ship is the first chest.

2. Hull of the ship

Break the floor of the ship and head to the other end for another chest.

3. Western hut roof

Starting on the west side of the mountain, you’ll find the next chest in the roof of a hut.

4. Western hut roof 2

Move on to the next hut. There’s a chest at the end of the long roof.

5. Western hut roof 3

Connected to the previous one is a larger roof with another chest.

6. Main building ground floor

Up the ridge and into the main building. You’ll find a chest amongst some barrels at the western end.

7. Main building platform 

At the opposite end of the main building is another chest on a raised platform.

8. Barn hay stacks

Leave through the door beneath the last chest and there’s a lower building in front of you. It’s full of hay stacks - there’s a chest in the corner.

9. Eastern hut roof 1

The next few chests are all in the cluster of huts on the eastern side, south of the barn. The first is in the more open one against the rock face.

10. Eastern hut roof 2

Right next door is a bigger hut with a long section. This chest is above the long part.

11. Eastern hut roof 3

The final chest can be found in the south-eastern hut roof, next to the ship.

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