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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Fatal Fields chest locations [F8/F9/G8/G9] - 17 chests total

1. Southern barn

Approaching from the south, there’s a chest round the corner in the first barn you see by the cabbage field.

2. Left grain silo

To the north-east of the barn are two grain silos. Break the one on the left for a chest.

3. Eastern forest

Keep going east into the raised forest. There’s a chest at the bottom of the tree in the middle.

4. Grey barn

Turn around and go into the smaller grey barn. There’s a chest on the platform above the door.

5. Big red barn

In the enormous red barn, there’s a chest right at the top by some hay stacks.

6. Centre tractor shed

In the middle, there’s a red tractor in front of a shed. This chest is right at the back behind some hay stacks.

7. River cave

Walk north and you’ll see a small stream. There’s a chest at the end by the path.

8. Large cave

Follow the stream then head into the cave with a big willow tree on top. This chest is on a wooden platform inside, toward the right side of square G8.

9. Stable east end

Walk back to the river cave and into the grey stable. There’s a chest in the first room on your right, behind some hay.

10. Stable west end

Go to the other end of the stable and build up above the door for another one.

11. Quarry ledge

Walk south-west and you’ll find a quarry. There’s a chest behind a grey rock on the western ledge.

12. Western forest

Go south and there’s a similar forest to the one on the east side, with another chest in the middle.

13. Centre grey shed

Over the road from the farmhouse is a grey shed with a chest at the back.

14. Farmhouse attic

Head up both flights of stairs to find this chest and ammo box in the attic.

15. Farmhouse kitchen roof

Go back to the first floor and to the bathroom at the end. Break through the wall for the final chest at Fatal Fields.

16. Eastern corn field

There’s a chest hidden amongst the corn in the field to the east, north of the red barn.

17. Western corn field

And there’s another one in the corn field next to it, north of the farmhouse.

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