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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Desert Town chest locations [H9/H10] - 18 chests

Note: Desert Town isn't an actual named location, but it does have many chests in a lot of buildings that are all the same except for the colour. Check the image above, where we’ve numbered each building per colour so it’s easier to follow.

1. Red 1 upstairs

Starting in the south-east corner, grab the chest on the table in the first red house.

2. Red 1 downstairs

Head downstairs for this chest by the bed.

3. Blue 1 upstairs

Head into the connected blue building for this chest on the upstairs bed.

4. Blue 1 downstairs

Followed by this kitchen chest downstairs.

5. Yellow 1

In the connected yellow building, this is the only chest by the bed.

6. Red 2 upstairs

Walk into the next cluster of buildings to the west. Starting with the red building, this chest is by a rolled-out bed upstairs.

7. Red 2 downstairs

Next up is this chest downstairs in the same building.

8. White 1

Cross to the white building and this is the only chest, upstairs in an otherwise empty room.

9. Blue 2 upstairs

The final building in this cluster has two chests, the first of which is upstairs.

10. Blue 2 downstairs

Find the second chest on the table below.

11. White 2

Keep going west to the white house by the entrance. This chest is upstairs.

12. Red 3

Break through the wall in the small red hut at the other side of the town entrance to get this chest.

13. Red 4

Next to the previous red building is another, by the fountain in the middle. This chest is on the bottom floor.

14. Yellow 2 ground floor

The three-storey yellow building starts off with this chest in a back bedroom.

15. Yellow 2 first floor

Go upstairs and you’ll find this one next to an ammo box.

16. Yellow 2 second floor

There’s no stairs so build up to the very top and grab this chest by breaking through the wall.

17. White 3

Follow the walkway to the northernmost hut for this chest in the white building.

18. White 4

Jump down the hill to the east and go into the lowest white building by the purple car for this chest in the kitchen.

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