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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

1. Red car

Starting from the top of Lazy, this chest is in the back of a red car in the car park for the clubhouse.

2. Clubhouse roof - west

The clubhouse is huge and has three sections. Each section has one chest - break through the western roof to find this one.

3. Clubhouse roof - middle

The middle section is the part that connects to the car park. This chest is in the roof.

4. Clubhouse roof - east

Opposite the western section is this chest. Make sure you break the piece on the very corner though as it’s sectioned off.

5. Clubhouse roof - top

Climb to the peak of the main section and break through the roof to unveil this one.

6. Golf shop counter

Leave the clubhouse to the south and follow the path to the right to find the golf shop. This chest is behind the counter.

7. Golf shop roof

Climb to the roof on the side opposite the counter to find this one.

8. ATK garage

Follow the path down and you’ll see a big garage, likely containing an ATK. This chest is in the corner.

9. Groundskeeper hut

Leave the path and head north-east. Across the courses you’ll find the groundskeeper hut with a red tractor. Smash through the wooden crate to find this chest.

10. Refreshment bar

Walk back over to the main compound and keep following the path. This refreshment bar has a chest next to the ice machine.

11. Swimming pool bar

Walk into the swimming pool area and you’ll see this chest behind the other bar.

12. Swimming pool water pumps

Break through the wall by the previous chest and you’ll uncover this one between two water pumps.

13. Lake pier

Walk out of the swimming pool and toward the tennis courts. Behind, you’ll see the lake with this chest under the gazebo at the end.

14. Garbage truck

Walk south-east from the tennis courts to the garbage truck on the road. This chest is in the back.

15. Groundskeeper house

Follow the road the garbage truck is on and you’ll find the second groundskeeper building, this time with a living room. There’s a partially buried chest underneath the building.

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