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Flipped poster released


Rob Reiner’s new coming-of-ager Flipped has gained its first official poster.

A simplistic, dreamy affair, it chimes with the film’s inherent nature – this being a tentative love story between young whipper-snappers Bryce and Juli.

The girl-phobic Bryce is too embarrassed to get close to Juli, who is sure they’re made for each other. But after six years at the same school, Bryce may be about to change his mind.

Could Flipped see Rob finally reigning in the broader, dafter comedy of recent years (note the poster makes no mention of duds Rumour Has It , Alex & Emma or The Story Of Us )? The latest trailer certainly pointed that way, not to mention the involvement of the brilliant John Mahoney.

Check out new poster below…

And here's the trailer...

Flipped hits screens in the US in August. Sadly there’s no UK date yet set.

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