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First trailer for Mass Effect 3

Finally the sci-fi RPG sequel is officially announced, and here's the trailer revealed on Saturday 11 December showing London in ruins...

Last night at the Spike VGA Awards , top game developer BioWare exclusively released the first teaser trailer for Mass Effect 3. With fantastic CGI, it shows a British soldier sheltering inside the ruins of Big Ben, awaiting help from Commander Shepard, as giant Reapers touch down in London.

You can watch the trailer here at

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Agonisingly, the game isn't out until "Holidays 2011" so there's a fair old wait, but BioWare fans will at least have Dragon Age 2 to tide us over before then.

Let us know if you're looking forward to these games and what you think of this brand new Mass Effect 3 trailer in the comments below, or on our forum .

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