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Filthy adult No More Heroes remake gets an only partially filthy adult trailer. Though there is brief boob and bum

How is Red Zone going to be an improvement?In partby adding more sexiness and more gore, both of which are on show to varying degrees in this new trailer. Watch on for details and partial boob.

Where the PS3 version of Heroes' Paradise was originally a sanitised port, with censored blood much like the Japanese and European versions of the Wii original, Red Zone is full-on with the red spray. It's also bringing five bosses from No More Heroes 2 and ten levels cut from the original Wii NMH. And more sexy-time. Basically, it's the Ultra Turbo XX Reload Edition of No More Heroes, so if you haven't picked up Suda's gloriously excessive, poop-laded slash-frenzy yet, this will be the version to get. If it comes out in the west, that is.

April 26th, 2011

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