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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Tips

Player Cards 

Player cards are the lifeblood of Ultimate Team. They convey tons of valuable information and are the visual building blocks for your team and squads. Player cards contain 4 sets of information on them which can be accessed by moving left or right on the right stick.

The main view of a card shows you the player's base ratings. These are Pace (PAC), Dribbling (DRI), Shooting (SHO), Defense (DEF), Passing (PAS) and Physical (PHY). While the others are straightforward, Physical is actually a rating derived from a mixture of the players Strength, Stamina and Jumping abilities.

The second set shows you the player's Nation, Team and League. The third shows you their remaining Contracts and current Fitness level. The fourth shows your their current Chemistry Style.

As a player's Chemistry goes up from his surrounding teammates, these chevrons will turn green and give the player a boost in those stats. With a Basic Chemistry Style, players will get an even boost across the board. Using Chemistry Style consumables on a player will allow you to change his style and affect which of those categories get a boost. Wait, Consumables? What's that?


Good thing you asked! Consumables allow you to boost your player attributes for varying levels and amounts of time.

  • Player Training - Increase a player's attributes for the next match.
  • Goalkeeper Training - Increase a goalkeeper's attributes for the next match. (Goalkeeper specific)
  • Position Change - Move a player from one favorite spot to another.
  • Chemistry Styles - Change a player's style of play.
  • Manager League - Change a Manager's assigned league.
  • Contracts - Increase their number of remaining matches a player can remain.
  • Fitness - Increase a player's fitness rating.
  • Healing - Reduce a player's duration of injuries.

Club Items

Club items let you distinguish your custom Ultimate Team from everyone else's. These are purely cosmetic, but their importance remains.

  • Badges - These are the team logos. The badge that you have set to Active is the one you will see in the top left of your screen as well as in the Tournament brackets.
  • Kits - These are your jerseys. You can have 2 active kits, one for home and one for away. Try to have kits on the opposite side of the colour spectrum in case you’re playing someone online, you don’t want to have matching colours.
  • Stadia - The Active stadium is the one where you will play your home games.
  • Balls - The Active ball is the one you will use during your home games.

Staff Items

Staff items are excellent ways to improve your chances in an important match. Use them wisely--not just anytime, but when you know that extra boost will help you over the hump.

  • Mangers - Your squad's manager will add to your team's Chemistry as long as there are players who play in the same League as he is set to. Also, depending on your Active manager, players can get an extra percentage of contracts when you apply Contract cards to them.
  • Head Coaches - These coaches gives your team a percentage bump on their base attributes.
  • GK Coaches - Same as Head Coaches, but they are for your goalkeepers.
  • Fitness Coaches - These boost your team's fitness and allow your players to Fitness ratings to drop as quickly.
  • Physio Coaches - These reduce your team's chances of injury and help keep their injuries shorter when they do occur.

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