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FIFA 08 goes Pro with new trailer

Ronaldinho, Barcelona's super-star,has been drafted in to show off FIFA 08’s Be A Pro mode, which will be just one of the game modes that'll be on offer when the title hits PS3 and 360 on 28 September.

Playing in this mode locks you into the role of a single player as you and your team try to battle your way to the top of the league. And that’s not all. EA has managed to include online play in this mode, with the ability to support up to five individual players on each team.

It’s EA’s dream to be able to support full 11 vs 11 online matches, although you’d never catch us volunteering to be the goal-keeper, and this is certainly a very positive step towards that goal.

Two new, very detailed, shots for each platform have alsoslipped out of the dressing room and can be seenhere(PS3) andhere(360).