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Feel the road with this Prime Day racing wheel deal by bagging the Logitech G923 for its lowest ever price

Feel the road with this Prime Day racing wheel deal by bagging the Logitech G923 for its lowest ever price
(Image credit: Logitech)

The Prime Day controller deals can take many forms, and this Prime Day racing wheel deal demonstrates exactly that. And it's not just on any old tat, either: you can pick up the brilliant Logitech G923 wheel and pedal bundle for its lowest ever price in the US and a heavily discounted price in the UK right now.

Back when Ford wrote his Logitech G923 review, he was blown away by how realistic the TrueForce effects felt, especially considering the already-respectable asking price when compared to others on the market. (Note: this is the PS4/PS5/PC version, though - so it's not for Xbox players I'm afraid.) 

But for those who can make the most of its compatibility with PlayStation and PC, this is a mid-to-high-end steering wheel and pedal combo which offers racing fans and enthusiasts who don't already have a decent sim-rig setup, a neat and tidy - and brilliant - entry point into the world of dedicated racing sim hardware.

Logitech G923 steering wheel & pedal bundle (PS4, PS5, PC) | $400 $260 at Amazon
Sim racing is becoming more and more popular these days and this is the perfect way to get involved. Whether you're playing Gran Turismo, F1, Euro Truck Sim, or any of the other games supported by the G923 on PlayStation and PC, you won't be let down, especially at this price.
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Logitech G923 steering wheel & pedal bundle (PS4, PS5, PC) | £350 £289 at Amazon UK
Bring the racing experience into your home setup like never before with the excellent G923 wheel and pedal set. The price is its second-lowest ever, so it's a great time to strike if you've been eyeing up the tech.
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There are some alternative options here if the G923 is a little out of your price range. 

Logitech G29 steering wheel & pedal bundle (PS5, PS4, PS3, PC) | $400 $223.99 at Amazon
A great option if you can't quite stretch the budget to the G923! Even though this isn't as shiny and new, it is still a fantastic deal for a brilliant product and one that can be enjoyed across the PlayStation generations.
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Logitech G29 steering wheel & pedal bundle (PS4, PS5, PS3, PC) | £300 £209.99 at Amazon UK
This is the predecessor to the G923 so isn't quite as feature-laden (no TrueForce, for example), but is still a very impressive gadget that any sim racer won't be disappointed with. The Xbox-friendly G920 variant is also reduced heavily, down to £194.44 too.
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For more choice, be sure to check in with our guides to the best PS4 steering wheels and the best Xbox One steering wheels.

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