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Fallout 4 console mods enter beta on Xbox One, invites are out now

Fallout 4 console mod support is officially out in the wild, and you may be one of the lucky few to get early access. Bethesda confirmed on Twitter that it has sent invites to select Xbox One players who registered for beta access on

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Formal mod support is already live on PC, where it offers a marketplace-style view of mods sorted by categories like "Homes", "Characters", and "Immersion" (the mod in the image up top is Vault-Tec Suits). Modders have to specifically declare their mods are compatible with consoles after uploading them via PC, but if it works out this will be by far the easiest access players of a major console game have ever had to the vibrant world of modding.

Bethesda didn't say when it expects to take console mod support out of beta and distribute it to the hungry masses, but they usually move pretty quickly (assuming nothing goes catastrophically awry).

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