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The Evil Within Locker Key and Statue locations guide

Chapter 10 - The Craftman's Tools

Key #28

When you reach the ladder with a tripwire at the bottom, pop through the doorway on the left.

Smash the crates in here to find a figurine behind them.

Key #29

After descending another ladder that will deposit Sebastian into a gooey pit of entrails, follow the path until you come out into a room with a locked door at the other side, powered by a lever (which of course isn't working yet).

Take a look into the first doorway on the left as you enter this room, and you'll spot a statuette underneath a spike trap. Shoot it, then go in to collect. You'll want to move fast, as the spike trap will start to lower once you head inside, but there should be plenty of time to get the key and the jar of green gel by the doorway.

Key #30

After you've turned on the power, activating every trap in the vicinity, and beaten the first miniboss (freeze bolts, explosive bolts and good ol' shotgun shells seem to be a winning combo), make your way back to the main room until you reach the corridor with a human-sized grill shooting back and forth in front of a doorway.

Pull out your gun and wait until it extends from the wall. You'll see a figurine in the recess behind it. Shoot it, then carefully time your dash to grab the key and get out.

Key #31

Okay, listen up. You must defeat Laura to access this key. Towards the end of the chapter, she'll show up and will follow you through various areas, where you'll be shooting valves and pulling levers to create exits for yourself, while at the same time, shooting more valves and setting corpses on fire at precisely the right moment to set her alight.

In the very last room (you'll enter by dropping through a hole in the ceiling), you can burn her twice using the valves in here. The escape route lies through a wall of flame that you can turn off by pulling a lever to the right. Don't touch it. If you intend to make your stand here and face Laura, you want to avoid running down the corridor to the lift as it'll trigger a cutscene and take you out of the area, making all of your hard work count for nothing.

Pulling on the lever will also redirect the flame into the room, significantly reducing the space you've got to play with, by cutting off a small area. You'll essentially be running from one end of the room to the other, trying to fire off a few rounds at Laura before she rushes you, so if you value your sanity, leave it be. And PS, this might take you a few attempts.

Once she's dead, yank on the lever and strut down the short corridor. Follow it to the right of the lift to find some loot and a figurine.

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