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European Ocarina of Time 3D special editions to come bundled with ocarina?

The Zelda games contain a plenitude of both real-world things (slingshots, animal abuse, time-travel) and things so ridiculously-named as to obviously be fake (oktoroks, tektites, and leevers). The musically-uneducated may have assumed that something as crazy-sounding as an "ocarina" must obviously be one of the latter. But some special editions of the 3DS version look to be packaged with a real ocarina.

Collector : Ocarina et Stylo pour Ocarina LMJV1

Here's an unboxing video of the ocarina, which comes packaged along with the Ocarina 3D manual and a wooden pen (which is how all ballpoint pens were in the olden days). While industrious types on the Internet are of course all over gimmicky translations – recently going so far as tore-translate the original Zelda games, yielding new hints and better scriptwriting than traditionally associated with the titles – don't bother hitting up any parlez-vous français friends for clues as to how you might secure this choice package for yourself. As the narrator himself says, there's no word yet on what territories might be getting it, or what editions it'll come packaged with. Which is probably just as well: all you kids complaining that the Water Temple is hard obviously haven't tried making a tune come out of one of these things.

May 23, 2011

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