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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Mean Street South: Finding the Hidden Heroes [Part 4]

It’s tough to see, but there’s a Mickey face on the cliff side near the bobbing rock.

In the section between Disney Gulch and the Mad Doctor’s Lab, you can thin out this patch of dirt near the train track.

In the same area, you can find this Mickey face-shaped machine in the northeast of the area.

In Bog Easy, thin out the trailer and ground near the Shanty Shop to create a Mickey silhouette.

The design on the Train Station counts as an Oswald face.

There is a smudge on the wall of the abandoned building near the cemetery that makes a Mickey face.

Thin out the ground in front of the inkwell near the cemetery to reveal a Mickey face.

This Oswald face can be found on the side of the abandoned building in the Old Town after it has been restored.

In Blot Alley, you’ll come to a puzzle with a rotating statue of a Blotling with a key. All three locks in this area count as Mickey faces.

In the area with fireworks and Spladooshes, use fireworks to destroy this wall. There’s an Oswald face behind the get in here.

In the Train Tunnels, thin out this part of the wall in the first diorama to reveal an Oswald face.

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