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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Mean Street South: Finding the Hidden Heroes [Part 3]

In the eastern corner of Ostown, thin out this house next to Moody’s house to reveal a Mickey face.

You can paint in or thin out the background above Ortensia’s house to create another Mickey face.

The two massive doors next to the Train Station each count as an Oswald face.

Under the Ostown fountain, this set of gears makes another Oswald face. The set of gears on the other side of the room count as another.

In Rainbow Falls, thin out the stepped rocks just past the security door to reveal another Mickey face.

Thin out this part of the wall near the indelible inkwell to reveal an Oswald face.

While on the teetering rock, you can thin the ceiling on one end of the room. Hop up here to find a Mickey face on a Snow White mural.

When you enter Devil Side Caverns, you can spot a Mickey face on the floor by the entry ledge.

In the northwest corner of Disney Gulch, this cactus counts as a Mickey face.

The grate under the lift acts as another Mickey face.

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