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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Autotopia: Rebuilding Autotopia

Return to Autotopia after completing it find Gilda near the starting point. Speak to her, and she’ll ask you to help restore the area.

You’ll first need to head to the northeast region of Autotopia. You’ll find a Gremlin who needs access to his garage.

Thin out the control box to reveal a pad for Oswald to reprogram. This opens the garage.

Return to the Gremlin and fork over some scrap metal to repair the racetrack.

To complete the quest, you’ll have to repair the spare race car in the garage. This takes four tires, which can be found by smacking certain cars around Autotopia. The first is the red car just outside the garage.

The second is the yellow car near Gilda by the first control tower.

The third is the green car in the same area.

The final is the red car near the second control tower.

Return to the Gremlin with all four tires to unlock the racing minigame and complete the quest.

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