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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Mean Street South: Horace’s Assistant Assistance [Part 1]

Once you start Chapter 2, you can speak to Horace in his office in the northeast corner of Mean Street South. He’ll ask you to kick out his assistant Tedworth. Talking to Tedworth initiates the quest; he’ll ask you to retrieve the pieces to his teddy bear in Blot Alley.

Once you arrive in Blot Alley, turn around and thin out this wall. Just beyond it is the first teddy bear piece.

Early in Blot Alley, you’ll spot another piece of the bear atop this awning. Paint in the tree under the awning and use it to reach the piece.

Just after the rotating key puzzle, hop up onto the ledge with the picture spot. Have Oswald activate the panel, and a new ledge will extend, allowing you to reach the teddy bear piece.

During the Spladoosh sequence, you can spot this ledge above the panic bell. You can get up there with the broken stairs to the left or the dumpster to the right. Up top, you can step through the open window to find another teddy bear piece.

In the same area, use the fireworks nearby on the marked door to discover a hidden path and a teddy bear piece behind bars.

Have Oswald toss Mickey over the rock obstacle, and simply turn to the left to grab the teddy bear piece behind the bars.

When you near Club 13, you’ll see the final teddy bear piece on an awning. Paint in the potted tree below and use it to reach the last piece.

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