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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Mean Street South: Finding the Hidden Heroes [Part 7]

Thin out the side of the Blotling house near the crane to reveal another Oswald face.

Thin out this rock just past the thinner fall to reveal a Mickey face.

In Autotopia, this sign can be thinned out to reveal an Oswald face.

This grate in the northwest section of Autotopia is another Mickey face.

In the northern tunnel, split off from the main path to find this Mickey face on the wall.

After the third control tower, this Oswald face can be seen in the newly opened cave.

In the Mad Doctor’s Attic, the giant vault is a clear Mickey face.

In the Mad Doctor’s ride, the design in the center of the lower platform is another Mickey face. The design on the top platform counts as another one.

Seth can now be found in his garden, which can be accessed via tunnel found by thinning out the ramp in front of the Train Station in Mean Street South. Return to him with the required number of pictures to finish the quest.

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