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The Division update 1.1 trailer has Incursion and Daily Assignment gameplay

You know a patch is big news when it gets its own hype trailer. Ubisoft has published a two-minute video laying out some of the biggest stuff headed to The Division in update 1.1 tomorrow, including Dark Zone supply drops, loot trading, and the first Incursion.

I'm surprised that Gear Scores didn't get a nod, but maybe a Destiny-esque, post-cap progression system is tough to jazz up for video. That said, I've actually curbed my The Division play in the last week or two largely in anticipation for all these quality-of-life improving tweaks and new features. I'm looking forward to hitting the streets of Manhattan again.

If you're counting the hours, the weekly maintenance downtime is scheduled to begin at midnight PDT / 8 am BST on Tuesday and will (hopefully) conclude after approximately three hours. Update 1.1 will go live immediately after the maintenance, and will be a 4 to 4.7GB download.

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