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Disney Plus UK price is £5.99, and it's coming a week early

Disney Plus UK price
(Image credit: Disney)

It's been a little tortuous watching the rest of the world enjoy new shows like The Mandalorian (opens in new tab), but now all us patient souls in across the pond have a confirmed Disney Plus UK price – it's £5.99 per month or £59.99 for a full year (opens in new tab) (remember, that monthly cost also includes a Disney Plus free trial (opens in new tab)). That's much less than we were expecting, and a good few quid cheaper than a Standard HD month of Netflix. Because Disney Plus (opens in new tab) comes in 4K at no extra cost, that's aggressive value for money and a very clear statement of intent. You can get ready and register your interest via the link below. Better yet though, a new offer has just been added where you can get a big discount by signing up for a year upfront. Details below.

Disney Plus UK deal

Disney Plus | £5.99 per month (opens in new tab)
Considering the fact that it's a few pounds cheaper than a Standard HD month of Netflix and comes in 4K, that's a bargain. You can sign up here.

Disney Plus 12-month pre-order | £49.99
(opens in new tab)
If you sign up in advance for Disney Plus in the UK you can save a lot of money on this 12-month deal. Usually, it would cost £59.99, but until March 23rd, that cost has been cut to £49.99. Compared to paying for individual months, you're saving £21.89.

However, the Disney Plus UK price isn't the only news here – as it turns out, the House of Mouse's streaming service is also arriving a week early for UK viewers. You'll now be able to start watching as of 24 March 2020, a full seven days before the previous 31 March launch-date. Because we've had to wait so long already (the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand got access way back in November 2019), that's not bad going at all.

There's no word of any other offers as yet, but we'll let you know if and when any appear. For more details on what you get with the new service, head over to our guide on how to get (and what you get with) a Disney Plus sign-up (opens in new tab).

Want to keep busy until launch? We'd recommend filling that Disney-shaped void with the genuinely brilliant Disney Villainous board game (opens in new tab) and the Disney Villainous expansions (opens in new tab) to go with it. They're a solid gift for yourself or the Disney-loving fan in your life.

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