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Destiny Dead Ghosts location guide [inc. DB, HoW, Taken King, Rise of Iron, and Age of Triumph]

Age of Triumph

The Age of Triumph is Destiny's last hurrah before the content dries up for good and we begin the wait for Destiny 2

In the meantime, you can snaffle out the last of the Dead Ghosts in the game and bid farewell to the little buggers once and for all.

There are 10 to collect in total, and then we're done. 

For the eight on the Crucible maps, set up a private match and choose control, so that the directions to the Dead Ghosts make sense, and there are points on the map to guide you.

Dead Ghost #1 

The first Dead Ghost is in the Tower.

You'll find it at the top of the tree.

Dead Ghost #2

Boot up the Crota's End raid for the next one. It doesn't matter which difficulty you select.

You'll be pleased to know that the Dead Ghost is located right at the start of the raid.

Head over to the left of the starting area, towards the metal struts.

Hop onto the top of the third one along and follow it down its slope.

The Dead Ghost is at the end of the strut.

Dead Ghost #3

Boot up The Anomaly in a private match on Control. You should be doing this for all of the Crucible maps from here on out, so I won't keep on about it. 

Get yourself to the middle of the map where the big, green, orb is.

Hop onto the platform rotating around it, crouch down, and get to the centre so that you're practically underneath it. The Dead Ghost is down here. 

Dead Ghost #4

Next up on the Crucible map list is The Cauldron.

From the alpha spawn point, turn to your right to face the tunnel lined with bones.

As you enter, look up to spot the Dead Ghost in the ceiling. Or ceiling adjacent bones. 

If you didn't spawn at alpha for some reason, this is just around the corner from capture point C.

Dead Ghost #5 

The Drifter is the our next port of call.

Make your way to capture point A.

There's a floating platform next to it.

The Dead Ghost is hovering above it.

Dead Ghost #6

We're off to The Dungeons to find this Dead Ghost.

Get to the middle of the map where the chained-up crystal is.

The Dead Ghost is on top of the crystal. 

You'll have to jump and press the console appropriate button while airborne to collect it.

Dead Ghost #7

Exodus Blue is our next destination.

From spawn point alpha, head towards capture point A.

A short distance ahead, you'll spot a burnt-out, rusted car on the right.

There's a couple of surprisingly cheery-looking skeletons inside.

The Dead Ghost is in the gap between them.

Dead Ghost #8

Boot up Frontier.

From spawn point alpha, head outside, towards capture point C.

On your right out here, on the edge of the map, you'll spot this large rock.

Hop on top and look down behind it to find a small ledge.

Drop down and grab the Dead Ghost from amidst the foliage. 

Dead Ghost #9 

If you're playing on Xbox One, this is the last Dead Ghost for you.

From spawn point alpha, head towards capture point A.

From capture point A, go through the doorway and around to the left.

Now go around to the right and you'll see an alcove to the left of the path ahead. 

 Head inside. 

The Dead Ghost is on the ground, tucked behind the crate on the right.

Dead Ghost #10 - PS4 Exclusive

This Dead Ghost is in the PS4 exclusive map, Sector 618.

Make your way to capture point B and you'll see a big ol' fan behind it.

Approach the fan and you'll see a big sack hanging down to the right of it.

The Dead Ghost is poking out of its bottom.

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