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Destiny 2 infinite Legendary Shards exploit shut down by Bungie in record time

Destiny 2
(Image credit: Bungie)

Destiny 2 players discovered an exploit that lets you generate infinite Legendary shards, but Bungie was quick to hotfix the issue.

Destiny players are no strangers to a cheeky exploit - who can forget the loot cave? - but this latest exploit is about as simple as they come. Sadly for you intrepid farmers out there, it looks like Bungie has already patched this exploit out of the game, so if you’re reading this, you've missed out on the action.

This unlimited legendary shards exploit (opens in new tab) was introduced in the current Guardian Games event, and revolved around the class item that you can unlock from Zavala. Once you had it unlocked, you could then purchase the item from Eva Levante in the Tower. The trick here is that you could buy it for 1000 glimmer and get four legendary shards. You could also buy 10,000 glimmer for just four shards from the Spyder. This means that you’re making a net profit of 36 legendary shards for every ten items that you purchase and dismantle.

While we’re not sure who originally found this exploit, this video from YouTuber Cheese Forever gives you step by step instructions on how the materials farm was working:

There were actually two different versions of the exploit: one that let you sit in one place but only generated legendary shards and glimmer, and another that required you to travel between two vendors every so often, but gave you legendary shards, glimmer, and gunsmith materials. The patch that Bungie applied a few hours ago has knocked this exploit on the head by stopping the class item from giving you Legendary shards when you dismantle it.

We can’t help you get unlimited Legendary shards anymore, but we can help you find the best Destiny 2 Exotics to spice up your Guardian’s loadout.

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