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Dark Souls Remastered full walkthrough guide: every area, boss, secret and more

Dark Souls Remastered full walkthrough: PAINTED WORLD OF ARIAMIS PART 1 (OPTIONAL)

Approach the massive painting in this hall. If you have the Peculiar Doll in you possession (obtainable when revisiting the Undead Asylum) you’ll be transported to an optional level. Be warned that once you rest at the bonfire in this world, you cannot leave until you meet the boss. You may want to gather some fire-resistant gear, at least two Humanity, and 50-100 arrows before entering this painting.

Soon after crossing the bridge, you’ll find a bonfire. We suggest kindling this bonfire if possible, as it is the only one in the level.

As you climb the tower in front of you, be wary of weak undead. They’re usually no threat, but when attacking in numbers or from around a corner, you could find yourself losing life quickly.

There’s a new enemy here called a Bloated Undead. They will spit fire from a distance and explode in a toxic cloud if you kill them via standard means. Using fire to kill them safely or roll away as soon as you deal the killing blow. Using a spear or other long weapon keeps you out of range of their death cloud.

On the roof of the tower you’ll find a Soul of a Brave Knight in the corner. Once you pick it up, two Crow Demons will attack. Use Pyromancy if you have it, and be careful of their wind-up grab attack, which deals heavy damage. These enemies can be backstabbed.

From the roof, look for a patch where the snow is melted and drop down to claim a Dried Finger. Leave this tower and cross the bridge to the next one. Once inside, make sure to look for an exit leading to a balcony where you can cut down one of the hanging corpses (you can grab the item from the ground later).

At the top level of this tower you’ll find yourself on some ruined wooden rafters. Jump across the gap and climb down the nearby ladder leading outside. Proceed until you reach a room with two rats and a chest. Inside the chest, you’ll find a Painted Armor set. Climb back up the ladder and exit this second tower, heading for the large, circular tower at the center of the level.

Enter then exit the tower to your left and head across the massive bridge. During your walk, the Undead Dragon will awaken.

This one is slightly more dangerous than the one you fought in the Valley of the Drakes, so once he wakes up, run back to the tower and up the stairs to your right that lead counter-clockwise up the tower. Stand in this staircase (pictured above) and use your arrows for an easy victory.

If you don’t have arrows, simply coax the dragon into spitting his poison goo in one of three directions, run to the side to avoid it, then attack one of his hands or his head during the lengthy animation.

Make sure to nab the Dragon Scale and the Blood Shield from the bridge after the fight. Now reenter the central tower and descend to its lowest level. Pass through the fog door.

Welcome to Phalanx. Unless you have a great Pyromancy skill like Great Chaos Fireball, try to avoid Phalanx for now (and most times; it respawns). Run directly past it and through the wooden double doors to open up a shortcut leading to the level’s first bonfire. Go back and defeat Phalanx if you wish. Scour the area for loot, then head to the portion with the many skewered corpses.

If you head down here in human form (which we highly recommend), the NPC black phantom King Jeremiah will attack. He is a powerful Pyromancer and wields a whip, so get quickly close and go for backstabs before he can cast his stronger spells. Defeating him gets you the nifty Notched Whip (and his armor later). Also in this area is the Pyromancy Acid Surge skill (behind a short wall).

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