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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow PS3 patch to fix save-deleting bug

Owners of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow for the PS3 will soon be able to play their game with peace of mind. Publisher Konami has accepted fault for a bug that caused some users to find their entire save file deleted, and a patch to fix the error is "incoming."

To put it mildly, gamers affected by the bug were not happy when they booted up Castlevania and were greeted with the message "save file corrupt, will now overwrite, press X to continue." Pressing the X button murdered the game's save file on the PS3 hard drive.

We even saw one user whoreached the final bossonly to have his save deleted before he could finish the game. "I just lost almost 20 hours of play on Knight difficulty with almost all the power-ups. I think I'll go cry in the corner now," said the user in a post on GameSpot's message boards.

Following an outpouring of media scrutiny, Konami acknowledged the error and posted this message on itsTwitter page:

"Fear not, Vampire Killers. A patch for the PS3 save issue affecting Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is incoming. We’ll update on availability."

It's not much of an apology, but at least it addresses the issue.

Some Xbox 360 users also reported seeing the same "save file corrupt" error message on their game, but it didn't seem to actually affect their save files. Konami's message only mentions fixing the error on PS3.

We'd say something about being sure to back-up your save files every now and then, but we don't know anyone who actually does that.

Oct 15, 2010