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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow error erases PS3 save data

If you want to play Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on your PS3, you better have a USB stick or SD card ready to back up your data. Apparently there's a bug in the game that may completely wipe your save file when you boot it up.

Multiple users havereported seeing the message"save file corrupt, will now overwrite, press X to continue" after they start the game and attempt to load their save file. Pressing the X button causes the file to be completely and irreversibly erased. And unfortunately, throwing your PS3 out the window in frustration is not covered under the system's warranty.

One user said he put three hours into the game only to receive the error, which required him to start from scratch. "Castlevania only uses 1 save file, so I advise you all to back-up your save on a USB stick just in case. I'm pissed off about this, but I'm glad I was not too far into the game," wrote user Valefor on the PlayStation Universe forums.

GameSpot user GenkiTofu had a more heartbreaking story, saying his file was erased right after he reached the final boss. "Please be careful... I just lost almost 20 hours of play on Knight difficulty with almost all the power-ups. I think I'll go cry in the corner now," he warned. Tragic.

Additionally, Xbox 360 users are reporting the same kind of corrupt file errors, but apparently they don't actually erase the save file and everything runs smoothly afterward.

Publisher Konami has yet to release an official statement on the error reports.

[Source:The Silent Chief]

Oct 08, 2010

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