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"Can Mario possess a man and compel him to die?" - people try to get to grips with Mario's new ability to capture everything

Super Mario Odyssey's new friend Cappy and the accompanying "capture" mechanic is provoking some significant philosophical questions - much more so than, say, FLUDD from Super Mario Sunshine. That's the difference between a backpack that can shoot water and a hat that can possess everything from electrical impulses to tyrannosaurus rexes to human beings, I suppose.

People are still trying to figure it all out nearly a week after the strange, terrible magic of Cappy was revealed at the E3 2017 Nintendo Direct.

The problem of Cappy

Super Mario Odyssey's disturbing implications

Could this be the end?

Ok, let's calm down with these pictures of Frog Mario

Disturbing questions aside, see what we thought of the game in our Super Mario Odyssey hands-on preview, and watch more than an hour of Super Mario Odyssey footage from E3.

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