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Watch more than an hour of Super Mario Odyssey gameplay from Nintendo's E3 streams

Nintendo showed more than an hour of Super Mario Odyssey gameplay across its multi-day Treehouse Live presentations at E3 2017, and you can watch all of the sessions right here. Want to see Mario leap between skyscrapers, assume direct control of a Fire Brother, or buy a sombrero and poncho from a cheerful skeleton? Yep, it's all in here.

Oh, and we have official confirmation: Mario can nod off in Super Mario Odyssey, just like he could in Super Mario 64 and Sunshine and Galaxy. It continues to be the most precious thing.

Now here's all gameplay - it's nearly an hour and a half in all, so get comfy.

Game overview, including a hat shop visit at 15:05

Wooded Kingdom

Sand Kingdom and New Donk City

Here's what people who played Super Mario Odyssey at E3 thought

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