Caine Almighty

They’re the most prestigious pair of sandals they’ll ever wear, one of the most free-thinking parts they could ever hope to play and up there with a gold naked doll as the highest cinematic honour bestowed to a thespoid.

Nobody knows for sure what God looks like. Some say he’s a cloud, others a star, some studio heads agreed he might look like Morgan Freeman and now it looks like they think he could resemble Austin Power’s fahza.

A big screen adaptation of Jostein Gaarder’s bestselling novel Sophie’s World is in the works and will see Michael Caine playing God in an Alice in Wonderland-type fantasy adventure.

The story follows a young teenager that uses mysterious philosophical messages to help lead her through a mystifying voyage of time and space. The film has already been translated into a semi-successful film by Norwegian director Erik Gustavson but the plan is to transform the property into a major American feature.

Swedish writer Malle Jensen will be adapting the script for the screen. Cameras will start rolling soon, God willing.