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BLOG True Blood's sexy season two

As we prepare for True Blood season three, blogger Kell Harker considers how much viewers are enjoying the show's saucy scenes [spoilers for UK viewers]:

Grandma, What Big Black Eyes You Have!

It’s my opinion that season two is more sexual and violent than season one. I’m not complaining, I think I’m just still in a bit of shock because I didn’t think it could get any more darker or graphic. The increased volume in content some might find offensive can be attributed to Michelle Forbes character, the sinister Maryann Forrester. Early into this new season it becomes clear that the mayhem - all that deliciously mystical, sinful activity - that ensues in Bon Temps is caused by Maryann, who we find out later in the season is a mythological creature called a Maenad.

This is a personal article by blogger Kell Harker .

Are you following True Blood? How do you feel about the sexual content? Is there a particular character that you like - are you on Team Bill, or Team Eric? Your comments welcome as always. Remember we've been reviewing True Blood in the Spoiler Zone section of SFX each month.