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Overwatch GOTY Edition $29.99 (was $59.99) and WoW deals selling fast – Blizzard fans, get 'em while they're hot

In the games industry, Blizzard is a juggernaut. And fittingly, they have some of the best Black Friday gaming deals we've seen on excellent games like Overwatch and World of Warcraft. The GOTY version of the hero shooter is $30 from Amazon (PS4 and PC) and the Blizzard store, while one of the world's biggest MMOs is $10 on Amazon and its latest expansion is $25 on Amazon.

***UPDATE: The WoW deals sold out so we'll update this if more stock is made available, but you can still grab the Overwatch deal if you're fast***

PS4 (Digital Code) Overwatch GOTY Edition $29.99 (was $59.99):

PS4 (Digital Code) Overwatch GOTY Edition $29.99 (was $59.99): An unmissable price for the shooter crowned 'Best eSports Game' at this year's Golden Joystick Awards. This GOTY edition contains 10 Bonus Loot Boxes, Origin skins for five Overwatch heroes, a Baby Winston pet to claim in World of Warcraft, instant unlock of Tracer in Heroes of the Storm, and more.

Overwatch and World of Warcraft are both better with friends, and these prices present an excellent opportunity to get someone caught up on the cheap. But if they (or you) need a new machine to play them on, might I suggest taking a look at our best Black Friday gaming laptop deals?

Sam Prell
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