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The quiz of the week honours the great makers. You know their names; can you recognise their faces?

The people below should all be very well known to you… by name at least. They are the showrunners and producers who have been behind some of the biggest small screen sci-fi and fantasy shows of the past 50 years. But how many of them do you actually recognise? We’re after their names, not the shows they worked on. As usual, there are no prizes – this is all just for fun and a sense of smugness from getting a bunch of them right.

Please don’t put answers in the comments section below (though feel free to use it to boast/bemoan how you’re doing) but this thread is quite happy for you to post answers in "white-out" text.

ANSWERS ON THE NEXT PAGE (we don’t give ’em away on the first page so that Johnny-come-latelys can still play)



Eric Kripke ( Supernatural )

Chris Carter ( The X-Files )

Johnny Capps ( Merlin )

Alan Ball ( True Blood )

Chris Chibnall ( Torchwood / Camelot )

Damon Lindelof and Carton Cuse ( Lost )

Gene Roddenberry ( Star Trek )

Glen A Larson (classic Battlestar Galactica/Knight Rider )

Josh Schwartz ( Chuck )

J Michael Straczynski ( Babylon 5 )

John Nathan Turner (the dying days of classic Doctor Who )

Kevin Williamson ( The Vampire Diaries )

Ronald D Moore (new Battlestar Galactica )

Tim Kring ( Heroes )

Toby Whithouse ( Being Human )

Jane Espenson ( Buffy , Galactica , etc, etc, etc)