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Find more than a century of secrets in Black Ops 3's Data Vault

Trailers have already hinted at Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's nigh-occult oddness, but it goes much, much deeper than that. In the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine, campaign director Jason Blundell explains how the Data Vault in your custom character's private safehouse will be the new home for Black Ops conspiracy fans. If you lost hours pecking away at the computer terminal hidden in the original Black Ops' title screen, Black Ops 3 may be the end of you.

“If you added up all the secrets and Easter eggs in the original game, it wouldn’t even add up to 1 percent of what we have in this year’s game,” Blundell said. “We had a full-time writer on this for two years [...] We imagine players will spend months reading its entries."

And it's not just background for the futuristic world of Black Ops 3: the data vault will be packed with documents and information stretching all the way back to World at War. Don't worry, just like finding Zork and Dead Ops Arcade in the old computer terminal, you can always break up the lore dump with some hidden minigames. What kinds of unexpected wonders will the Data Vault hide this time around? Find out for yourself when Black Ops 3 is released worldwide on Friday, November 6.

The latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine, with Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 on the cover, is out now. Download it here or subscribe to future issues.

Connor Sheridan
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