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The biggest Black Friday gaming specials to watch out for in 2019

Black Friday gaming specials
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The Black Friday gaming specials for 2019 are expected to be big come this November. By 'specials' we mean special offers on bundles and consoles, or laptops and PCs if they appear. If the current predictions are correct, this is the last major Black Friday in which the PS4 and Xbox One are some of the biggest consoles on the block, as their next-gen successors - the PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett respectively - are anticipated to launch later next year. Not only that, but rumours of a Nintendo Switch Pro model are also on the horizon, too, not to mention an updated variant of the PSVR headset. 

That's all well and good, but what's it got to do with the upcoming Black Friday gaming specials for 2019? Well, for the likes of Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and their respective third party retailers, this could the last big chance to shift stock on merchandise, games, and hardware for the PS4, Xbox One, and standard Switch console, before their next-gen announcements leave everyone biding their time and money for better things to come. With that in mind, here's everything you need to know about what to expect from this year's Black Friday gaming specials and, for a round-up of everything, here's where our Black Friday game deals will be.

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Black Friday gaming specials - when do they start?

Officially, the Black Friday gaming specials start on Black Friday; a.k.a. Friday, November 29, but you and I both know that the era when the season of sales started and ended on a single day are long gone. In all likelihood, you'll see online retailers promoting Black Friday gaming specials from as early as the weekend before November 29, so from Saturday, November 24 onwards. 

From there, the Black Friday gaming specials will continue on through Cyber Monday on December 2, and - to be honest - right up until the Boxing Day/New Years Day sales themselves. That's right; Black Friday is no longer just a day, or even a week. It's an entire month and change of non-stop specials, offers, and price cuts. That said, Black Friday itself - November 29 - is usually when you'll see the biggest and best discounts of the month, so this is the day to mark in your calendar for the Black Friday gaming specials. 

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Black Friday gaming specials - What will they be?

At this point, it's almost more appropriate to ask Black Friday gaming specials there won't be, given the current climate of the games industry. The long and short of it is that you'll find savings across the full gamut of gaming consoles, accessories, and software, so much so that it'll be hard to draw out the things you want/can afford from the full flood of Black Friday gaming specials that'll surge onto the online market during the deals season. 

With that in mind, we've listed below some guides to our specialised hubs for unique products and items that you might want to target and hunt down, all of which will be frequently updated and curated with the best Black Friday gaming specials for each type of purchase. You'll want to bookmark these links, and come back to them frequently once the savings begin, as they'll help you separate the best offers from the dodgy deals during the peak of the offers.

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Black Friday gaming specials - Where to look

Once you go on the hunt for Black Friday gaming specials, you'll want to break down individual retailers into a few categories. The biggest contenders like Amazon and Walmart can afford to flat-out take losses on their sales if it means getting customers on their sites, so you'll want to peruse their listings the most often for everything from console bundles to individual accessories. That said, some of the best Black Friday gaming specials you'll find will be on slightly smaller and more specialized retailers. This category, which you'll want to search about half as often as you do the bigger fellas, will include retailers like Best Buy, GameStop, and Fry's. They often make their own bundles that - assuming you like their contents - can present massive savings over individual purchases.

The third category should be reserved for wild cards. These are retailers that don't specialize in games or even electronics, but that - for whatever reason - occasionally toss out some truly tremendous Black Friday gaming specials. Think of places like Target in the US or Argos in the UK for this category. You don't need to check them nearly as often as the first two categories, since they don't tend to toss out as many limited-time deals, but you should make the habit of checking in on them at least once or twice daily.

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Black Friday gaming specials - What makes a good deal?

You're going to see a whole lot of Black Friday gaming specials once the season of savings kicks off, but how do you know which ones are good enough to buy up right now instead of waiting to see if the discount improves? Your first tool, of course, should be to compare the special's price against the MSRP - the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Many retailers show the MSRP next to their current price, which makes this step quite easy, though some don't. This will help you catch out some sites that just drop the price by a teensy bit so they can say it's "on sale", even though your Black Friday money would be better saved for more generous offers.

Another handy way to tell if you're looking at a worthwhile Black Friday gaming special is to look at the listing's price history. You can paste Amazon links into camelcamelcamel and quickly get a chart showing the item in question's price over time. This will show you how much of a discount they're really offering you, and it will also reveal if there have been better offers in the past (and thus there might be better ones relatively soon).

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Black Friday gaming specials - Current offers

The fact is that you're not going to find the best Black Friday gaming specials until it's actually Black Friday season, or at the very least November. But maybe you're looking to pick up a new console for yourself now, or maybe you really want to get a gift for a loved one without waiting for the cacophony of savings. Don't worry, we've got your back there, too. Our automatic deal-hunting software will keep these categories up-to-date with the best savings you can find on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One X.