"Octopus is fatal" and other bizarre Game Genie codes

"Strokes aren't recorded"

First off, any kind of heart problem - on the green or off - should be noted and reported to your physician. Secondly, doesn't this completely defeat the purpose of playing a golfing game?

The game: Golf Grand Slam on NES
The code: SXEZGYSA

"Lose lives more easily"

I can't get over how vague this is. Does Bart suddenly embrace a reckless disregard for his own well-being? Do lives sometimes just slip away, like grains of precious sand through fat fingers? Is it possible to die just by standing there?

The game: The Simpsons: Bart vs. the World on NES
The code: EISVNGEY

"Butt-head doesn't take damage from policemen, cool girls"

Please understand: you'll need to enter a different code if you want Butt-head to be immune to shopping carts, mice, frozen yogurt cones, oil, bowling balls, skateboards, thugs, Anderson, sewer acid, rats, and birds. How policemen and cool girls justified their own no-damage cheat code is a mystery.

The game: Beavis and Butt-head on Sega Genesis
The code: AT3T-CA6R

"No men in windows"

What's next? No women in portcullises, or the absence of children in doggie doors?

The game: Robocop 2 on Game Boy
The code: 005-15F-A22

"Both players jump off the screen"

It's unclear what unfolds for Nanaman and GooGoo after they've ascended offscreen. What if they're the first clay-based souls to be accepted by the Rapture? Maybe they're off adventuring together as only a sentient banana and a mace-wielding baby can. Or perhaps they're still out there somewhere, sailing into uncharted frontiers of deep space. Only the Game Genie truly knows.

The game: ClayFighter 2: Judgment Clay on SNES
The code: 8F59-EDA7

"No harm if swallowed by a monster"

You'll be fine! It's just a little traumatizing to slide past colossal molars, down a gigantic throat, and into a warm pool of stomach acid. Nothing too major.

The game:DinoCity on SNES
The code: C23B-A7F9 + C232-67B1

"Pick a lawful, human male fighter and he will be at Level 8"

I love how many things have to align just to get some random Level 8 dude. I'm assuming that you also need to have your controller plugged into the Player 2 port, during a thunderstorm, on the eve of a blood moon for this code to work properly.

The game: Eye of the Beholder on SNES
The code: D68B-A474

"Always rank #1 (except if you blow up)"

Game Genie will happily grant your digital wishes, but there are limits, dammit. You can't possibly expect to take home the gold if your body's been incinerated to ash in a fiery future-car explosion. That's just absurd.

The game: F-Zero on SNES
The code: CB3C-0FA4 + DF3C-04D4

"Almost no tire wear (causes graphic distortion in the pits)"

The distortion cause by this lack of tire wear is graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

The game: Nigel Mansell's World Championship on SNES
The code: C96B-1705 + C9B1-4D61

"Stingray has faster jalapeno comet"

When I think of a 'jalapeno comet', the first thing that comes to mind is the kind of speeding, most-certainly-deadly projectile that results from eating Taco Bell with too much Fire sauce. And to think that this code actually accelerates the process for Stingray is... distressing, to put it mildly.

The game: Saturday Night Slam Masters on SNES
The code: D12D-5765 + EB2F-5F05