"Octopus is fatal" and other bizarre Game Genie codes

"Infinite hits unless picked up by shoulders"

Just as there's the Achilles Heel weak point, legend tells of the Macaulay Shoulder. One pinch, and any precocious child actor is down for the count.

The game: Home Alone 2 on Game Boy
The code: 007-E9E-19E

"Each rock bag holds five rocks"

No more, no less. I'm not sure why this one cracks me up so much, but it does. Honestly, a rock bag would be pretty pathetic if it could only hold a single stone.

The game: Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure on Sega Genesis
The code: A07V-CAGL

"Almost infinite ninja power"

Listen: something's either infinite, or it's not. How do you test that limit, anyway? "It was this close to infinity, but came up just a tad bit short." You can't be leaving something as crucial as ninja power up to chance like that.

The game: Ninja Gaiden Trilogy on SNES
The code: C9A7-C757

"All of Balrog's turn punches are the slowest"

"Ugh, have you noticed how long it takes for Balrog to do a dash punch?" "I know, right?! His turn punches are the slowest. It's like, hurry up and sock it to me already."

The game:Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition on Sega Genesis

"Dizziness doesn't last"

That's pretty profound, actually. Dizziness - like life itself - doesn't last forever. Make the most of your lightheaded wooziness, starting today.

The game: Super Street Fighter 2 on Sega Genesis
The code: RHEA-C6ZN

"Santa Imposter is harder to kill"

What this cheat does, in essence, is dig through code in search of the data range for 'Santa Imposter', finds the value correlated to this virtual gremlin's HP, and bumps it up ever so slightly. This is something that a real, live human discovered after hours of tinkering with a game peripheral. Think about that.

The game: Two Crude Dudes on Sega Genesis
The code: DMET-CAAW

"Infinite cheese puffs on pickup (EXCEPT RALLY LEVEL)"

If you were hoping for infinite cheese puffs (read: Cheetos) on the rally level, then you're in for a very rude awakening, my friend.

The game: Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest on Sega Genesis
The code: AG2A-AAER

"Insult uses no inner strength"

If a scornful taunt doesn't use up your inner strength, was it even worth making in the first place?

The game: Eternal Champions on Sega Genesis
The code: ACNT-LAE0

"On highway stage, jump onto road and stop traffic"

This sounds like a line from a '90s kids movie, where a bully eggs on our hero to do something wildly dangerous, only to awaken the protagonist's inner strength that lets them stop an 18-wheeler in its tracks with their bare hands.

The game: Shinobi on Game Gear
The code: 21E BA5 2A2

"Can walk through most enemies (vacuum cleaner can still kill you)"

See, this is why I never touch the Dyson sitting in my closest. No matter how invulnerable you think you are, there's always the slim chance that a vacuum cleaner could spell your doom. It's just waiting - watching - for the opportune moment to strike you down.

The game: Home Alone 2 on NES
The code: SZSVLVVK

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