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The best Pokemon backpacks you can buy in 2020

 Best Pokemon backpacks 2020
(Image credit: Amazon)

Being a Pokemon master isn’t just about being the best like no-one ever was but looking the best too. Luckily, there’s a swathe of great Pokemon-themed merchandise and clothing that makes doing this relatively easy, all while letting you express your passion in a way that is both stylish and practical at the same time. Getting hold of one of the best Pokémon backpacks is a good way to pull this off because, after all, you got to store those Pokéballs somewhere, right? And, er, your lunch too.

Here we’ll run through all the best Pokémon backpack options worth picking up, whether you’re a dedicated Pikachu superfan or want to show some love to any of the other 806 (and counting) Pokémon that exist out there. All will expertly complement the rest of your Pokémon wardrobe, being good conversation starters the next time you meet up with friends for a trading card game session or Pokémon Go raid.

What’s more, all the Pokémon backpacks featured in our rundown will be listed at the lowest available price. Therefore, we challenge any Pokémon devotee not to say, “I Choose You!” when finding their perfect backpack match. Let’s get into it… And if you don't find something you love here, maybe the Black Friday Pokemon deals will have something for you.

Pokemon Pikachu backpack

(Image credit: Amazon)

We promised you Pikachu superfans something spectacular and believe us when we say that this is it. Not only does it feature packs upon packs of the iconic yellow critter printed all over the front, but this bright and fun Pokémon backpack also grants its wearers with a litany of storage options. Chief amongst these is the front pocket slot, which acts as the perfect place to keep your accessories and plushies stored. Plenty of zippered compartments can also be found inside and the loop on top works well for easy locker storage.

This Pikachu Pokémon backpack is an officially licensed product, meaning that the print is of superior quality and will never fade. That means that wearers will continue to boast the inherently electric style for many years to come. Those concerned about comfort as well as style can also rest easy knowing that the padded black back and shoulder straps do well to offer great support. Simply put, this is the king of all Pikachu Pokémon backpacks.

Buy it via Amazon US for $29.99

Multi-character all over Pokemon backpack

(Image credit: Pokemon)

If you’ve often found yourself wondering how many Pokémon characters you can squeeze onto just one backpack, this may very well be the answer. That’s because this choice of Pokémon backpack boasts an extremely dense but effective design, treating anyone who sees it to a deluge of classic generation one Pokémon. The sprawling print continues from the front to the sides, working all the way over a full 16-inch canvas to make for a true feast for the eyes.

The multi character all over Pokemon backpack makes use of a loud design without feeling overly garish. In addition to this great style, it also packs in all the typical bells and whistles one would expect from a backpack. There’s a fairly sizeable front pocket, for instance, and two mesh side pockets that makes easy access for wearers feel incredibly natural. If you can’t pick which Pokémon in particular is your favourite, this one covers a lot of the classics.

Buy it via Walmart for $29.95

Gotta Catch Em ‘All Pokemon backpack

(Image credit: Ruz)

The aptly titled Gotta Catch Em ‘All Pokemon backpack follows the same formula as the other two featured on this, albeit in a much more pared-back manner. This is because, though it features a fair few gen-1 favourites printed all over, it’s much less dense. Iconic characters like Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Eevee, Squirtle are still printed in repeated fashion over the Pokémon backpack from front to side, but its design is broken up and enhanced by an attractive navy-blue background.

A nice subtle touch this backpack also offers over many others is having the front pocket’s zipper be styled in the shape of a Pokéball. There’s that and the fact that only one of the backpack’s shoulder straps boasts the printed Pokémon pattern, giving wearers a choice of style depending on what side they wear it on. Two mesh pockets offer easy storage for accessories either side, rounding out what is one of the best multi-character Pokémon backpacks out there.

Buy it via Amazon for £12.90

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Domed Shape Poke Ball Pokemon Backpack

(Image credit: Pokemon)

Maybe you’re a diehard Pokémon fan looking for something a little simpler from a backpack. After all, there’s more to the game and anime than just the Pokémon themselves. If that’s the case then we think this Domed Shape Poke Ball Pokémon Backpack will do just the trick, acting as a uniquely shaped wearable storage option that offers you a lot of space while still being inherently Pokémon through and through. Better yet, we can’t think of a better Pokémon backpack where storing your plushies makes more sense in-universe!

Another brilliant perk of the Domed Shape Poke Ball Pokémon Backpack is that while most others are engineered using nylon or polyester, the outside has more of a pleather look and feel. This means that it’s better for water resistance in the event of harsh rainfall. And if that wasn’t enough, keeping it clean is as simple as wiping it over with a damp cloth. Catching them all has never been so stylish than with this understated but effective Pokémon backpack design.

Buy it now via Amazon for $12

Gengar Evolution Pokemon Backpack

(Image credit: pokemon)

While most Pokémon backpack styles tend to be colourful, bright and breezy, there’s no denying that some creature designs tout a more ghostly appearance. That’s something that the Gengar Evolution All Over Pokemon Backpack fully capitalises on, featuring all three evolutions of a cycle printed all over from Ghastly to Haunter to Gengar. This inherently spooky approach is backed up further by an underlying black background that work well with each character’s purple tinge.

It’s worth mentioning that this particular Pokémon backpack isn’t one you tend to see often, originally released as part of a limited run. However, there’s still plenty available if you know where to look, which is refreshing thanks to how unique it is compared to other options out there. The Gengar Evolution All Over Pokémon Backpack might not boast mesh pockets on the side, but its front pocket is a generous size and features a fully padded back and adjustable straps.

Buy it now via Amazon for $19.95

Tattoo Pokemon Backpack

(Image credit: loungefly)

Being some of the most dedicated and passionate people in all of video games, we’re sure that there’s plenty of Pokémon fans that have put ink on skin to create some truly amazing tattoo designs. However, if you want to get in on the spirit of this action but don’t want to do undergo anything so permanent, this Cream-coloured Tattoo Pokémon Backpack might be perfect for you. Like many others, the leather-style Pokémon backpack features a glut of fan-favourite Pokémon – like Squirtle, Charmander and Pikachu – only now each are depicted as fully realised colour tattoos.

This tattoo style gives this design a notably harder edge than most other light and bright Pokémon backpacks out there, but it hasn’t lost any of the creature’s inherent cuteness. The result is an overall more mature choice of backpack, emphasised further by the easy-to-clean leather-like material used to construct it. Storage-wise, both the inside and front pocket has got wearers covered, much like the tattoos usually would be when inked on skin. This backpack accurately offers this look and feel, but without any of the hassle.

But it via Walmart for $89.94

Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza Pokemon Backpack

(Image credit: Pokemon)

Of course, it’s typically the original 151 Pokemon that tend to get all the fun when it comes to merchandise and accessories. This attractive Pokémon backpack, however, shows some love to the final evolutions from the third generation of mainline Pokémon games, namely Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza. It’s a design that really pops when worn, featuring all three affectionally plastered twice over on both the front pocket and backpack top.

The Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza Pokémon Backpack forgoes the typical all over pattern route seen elsewhere to instead feature each Pokémon’s silhouettes either side. This means you get to enjoy as many as three different versions of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire’s final stage starters in just one backpack. Two standard mesh pockets are still included either side of the design for convenient extra storage, but this silhouetted portrayal can still be easily seen and fully appreciated. You needn’t look any further for a Pokémon backpack that avoids the usual character designs.

Buy it via Amazon for $17.99

Large Red Pokemon backpack with Detachable Poke ball Lunch Bag

(Image credit: Pokemon)

Going some way to combine the best of both worlds, this officially licensed Pokemon backpack covers two bases by gifting you with a detachable lunch bag in addition to the already great main backpack design. The detachable piece works easily as a simple wraparound, aptly themed in the style of a Poke Ball. One slots neatly into the other, still leaving plenty of inside space for such items as books, binders and, yes, other Pokémon goodies.

The main Pokemon backpack itself features all the heavy-hitter characters sprawled across the front, complimented rather effectively by a rich red background. Sadly, there are no front pocket on this one, but that doesn’t ruin what is otherwise a pretty effective method of keeping your lunch safe while still allowing you to enjoy all the comfortable and stylistic benefits any good Pokémon backpack should offer. In other words, it’s super effective!

Buy it now via Amazon for $45.50

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