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The best multiplayer Switch games you can enjoy with friends

Fortnite Clingers
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The best multiplayer Switch games makes the handheld console all the more powerful, as you can hop online (or off) and play tons of great games with your friends - or perhaps, your enemies. 

There's not shortage of great titles in Nintendo's library of multiplayer Switch games, from popular battle royales like Fortnite to iconic Mario titles. There are so many games to choose from here, including adorable co-op indie gems or competitive racing games. Some of the games in this list are couch co-op titles that will let you play locally at home with your loved ones, while others offer online multiplayer for you to match up with friends or randos.

You're spoiled for choice when it comes to multiplayer Switch titles, so we've made a list of the best multiplayer Switch titles to save you some time.

25. Kirby Star Allies 

Kirby Star Allies

Maximum players: 4 
Multiplayer type: Local co-op 

The adorable little pink blob’s latest adventure really brings the multiplayer side of Kirby back in the best way possible. You and three other players can join Kirby as he sets off on an adventure that focuses on the importance of friendship. Kirby can charm foes he meets along the way to fight for him, and they all have unique powers you can copy or use to your advantage. One player will control Kirby, while the others can jump in as anyone of his unlockable friends, or as one of the ally recruits in the world. Every ally's power has different effects which can be vital to making it through a level - this really makes every player role in the team valuable. It also means certain characters will be more effective against different enemies, so you can really work in a team to best every foe that comes your way. It’s a delightfully cute platformer that makes teamwork feel very rewarding. 

24. Pikuniku


Maximum players: 2 
Multiplayer type: Local co-op

Although you can play Pikuniku solo, this charmingly absurd puzzle game really puts teamwork to the test when you and a friend play the co-op mode. Each player controls either character, and you have to navigate through colourful platforms with various puzzles and challenges. The puzzles can be real head scratchers, so it’s all the more fun working with a friend to get through to the next level. There’s also a very fun melon basketball challenge where, if you haven't guessed it already, you play basketball with a watermelon. It’s actually quite tricky given that you have to bounce around on your springy legs, and you can kick the other player to stop their efforts of scoring. With lots of levels to work through, and challenges to compete in, this is a different kind of puzzle game that will keep you guessing just as much as it’ll make you smile. 

23. Fortnite

Maximum players: 4
Multiplayer type:
Online multiplayer

Battle Royale mode might not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to Fortnite, but it’s a fantastic free multiplayer game on the Switch that’ll keep you coming back to try for that coveted victory royale once more. You get air dropped down and have to battle it out against 100 other players to emerge victorious. As with many a royale mode, you don’t start out with much of anything, so you have to scramble to find weapons and equipment before you do anything else. It can be tricky to get a handle on mastering the building mechanics, but it’s a very neat element that really shakes up the royale genre. With plenty of humour and all kinds of weapons to try out, there’s a lot of content to get stuck into. And it’s important to note you don’t need a Nintendo Online subscription in order to play. Plus, you can play in two or four-player squads. 

22. Sonic Mania 

Sonic Mania

Maximum players: 2 
Multiplayer type: Local co-op

The speedy blue hedgehog returned in all his 2D glory to relive his golden days in this delightful throwback collection. You can co-op each classic zone with a friend by being either Sonic or Tails and be the fast dream team you were always meant to be. Taking on Dr. Robotnik together was never so fun. If you don’t want to work as team, you can race each other to see who truly is the fastest character around in competition mode. If you played the classic Sonic titles back in the day, this is one nostalgia trip you and your pal won’t want to miss, and if you’re new to the golden oldies, you’re in for a treat because Mania expands on the classics to bring you a more polished and refined version with additional content to uncover. With 12 playable zones packed in, and a helping of different modes to try out, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

21. Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition

Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition

Maximum players: 4 
Multiplayer type: Local co-op 

Up to four players can join Rayman, Globox and the Teensies as they set out on a journey through the enchanted forest. The group stumble upon a tent filled with paintings that act as portals to different kinds of mystical lands that form the many different levels you’ll have to make your way through. With everything from fantastical medieval themed worlds right through to an oceanic setting, there’s all kinds of different legends to experience. One of the best levels is undoubtedly Caste Rock which will see you and your friends make your way through the level to the beat of Rayman’s rendition of Black Betty by Ram Jam. Outside of the main painting hopping campaign, there are other challenges to try out, and the Switch version also includes Kung Foot, a football mini-game four players can take part in. It’s a fantastic platformer with lots of humour and charm.  

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