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20 Best MOBAs to get immersed in

(Image credit: Riot)

Defense of the Ancients set the foundation for MOBA games back in 2003, and there’s been countless iterations ever since. From the worldwide famous titles to the ones who stood the pass of time holding onto a steady community or which are still in the early days, there’s many to try out. As we wait for upcoming entries like League of Legends: Wild Rift and Pokémon Unite, this list covers the 15 best MOBA games that you can play right now, all across PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

15. Vainglory

(Image credit: Rogue Games)

Vainglory has been earning its spot on this best MOBA list ever since its release in late 2014. It has the elements you’ve grown to love from MOBA games, but there’s a series of interesting additions along the way. First off, it offers cross-play between Steam and mobile devices. This is important, since it nails delivering the thrill you would expect from a MOBA on PC on a smaller screen, and the sheer variety and character build opportunities lead to some interesting results. Features such as override, which allows you to unlock a modification of a skill once you have levelled it up fully in a match make a difference, and all champions have their unique flavour.

Available on PC, Android, iOS

14. Arena of Valour

(Image credit: Garena)

Tencent Games’ Arena of Valor is one of the most popular MOBA games on mobile, and for a reason. It’s not a game that stands out for bringing many new ideas to the genre, remaining rather straightforward and faithful to the prime foundation (although there are a few surprises such as having Batman as a champion). Instead, it focuses on delivering a polished experience for touch screens, as well as making the best use of the Joy-Cons on Switch. You can expect both 5v5 and 3v3 matches, as well as a long list of champions to choose from.

Available on Android, iOS, Switch

13. Defense of the Ancients

(Image credit: Valve)

Back to where it all began. Despite the dozens of iterations over the years, it’s still worth going back to the original version with a group of friends or against others online. Whilst this mod remained rampant in the original Warcraft 3, the launch of Warcraft 3: Reforged provided a modern platform for it. If you are a fan of the universe and want to relive past memories, or simply get to play with champions you’ve grown to love during your time with this custom map years ago, know that Defense of the Ancients is still a possibility for your gaming sessions, taking into consideration how many years have passed since its creation, of course.

Available on PC

12. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

(Image credit: Moonton)

Don’t let the name or the art style confuse you, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang isn’t developed by Riot Games, but it does stand fairly close to it. Aside from its aesthetic, it really stands out with its characters, presenting their own backstories and cutscenes that help to illustrate them. They all take part in this take on the MOBA genre that is exclusive to mobile devices, and it definitely has known how to best accommodate itself to the small screen and around touch controls over the years. If you’re an avid League of Legends player and you’re on the lookout for a similar experience, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is as close as it gets.

Available on Android, iOS

 11. Battlerite 

(Image credit: Stunlock Studios)

Battlerite might seem like an odd choice for the list, considering you’re not defending or conquering bases. But in essence, and after the developers jumped from the iconic Bloodline Champions onto this game, there are many elements from the best MOBA games in here. It’s essentially a team-based brawler filled with dozens of characters to choose from, a deep and precise combat, and the same intensity that makes encounters so interesting in your regular MOBA. If you’re looking for something different that shares many similarities with the main genre entries, then Battlerite is the best choice, even if it’s currently not as active as it once was in the past.

Available on PC

10. Heroes of Newerth

(Image credit: S2 Games)

S2 Games’ take on the genre is one that has maintained its strong legacy. Heroes of Newerth released back in 2010, but even after a decade players are still coming back to it. Why? Well, it has a strong set of characters that feel completely different from your regular MOBA. With such a long time for balancing and refining, champions are varied, versatile, and fairly unique between each other. The studio hasn’t given up on the game, and neither has the community, so it’s a shame that it has been left underrepresented over the years. That being said, competitive play is still something you can take part in, and there are even tournaments to watch regularly.

Available on PC

9. Legend of Ace

(Image credit: Still Gaming)

If you were looking for yet another intriguing hybrid, Legend of Ace combines the elements and gameplay from MOBA games with trading card games’ elements. You have your pool of champions to choose and get to know their stories as usual, of course, but the twist is that they can all be personalized to better suit your playstyle by using cards. For everything else, don’t expect many surprises: the map layout is similar to the ones you already know about, but matches are usually 10 minutes long, which makes Legend of Ace an ideal game for a lunch break.

Available on Android, iOS

8. Awesomenauts 

(Image credit: Ronimo Games)

Ronimo Games released Awesomenauts back in 2012, and whilst it may not be the big MOBA it used to be, the premise and wonderful cast of characters still make for a worthy revisit or first visit altogether. It introduced itself as a 2D MOBA, where you pick up your characters and go through different objectives, defending your base and trying to score as many points as possible before the match is over. They can be exhilarating, often feeling more like your usual beat ‘em up or 2D shooter than a regular MOBA, and that’s where the biggest appeal comes from, especially for new players of the genre.

Available on PC, PS4, Xbox One

7. Rise of Legends

(Image credit: Crunchy Leaf Games)

Rise of Legions is another intriguing take on the genre. It’s a MOBA in essence, but it also mixes elements from deck-building and tower defense games. It’s a rather straightforward premise where you can take on 1v1 or 2v2 matches, as well as co-op modes that thrive in PVE, and everything is presented in a simple way. But the loop is engaging, and the mix between the three influences mesh together perfectly, coming up with quite the unique experience that is really worth the try, considering it’s free to play as well. As a bonus, the community is still active around it, so you won’t have to wait for long in queues to play.

Available on PC

6. AirMech Strike

(Image credit: Carbon Games)

You might know the series from AirMech Arena, but AirMech Strike is quite different. It seems and feels in some ways like a real-time strategy game, but its gameplay is reminiscent of MOBA games, coming up with a hybrid that mixes the best of both worlds. You can expect dozens of units fighting against each other in grand scale maps, mechs that shift form depending on the situation, and the frantic battle that comes from the genre. There used to be PVE modes as well, but they were deleted and are currently in plans to move to AirMech Wastelands, a companion game of sorts, so it’s all about fighting against other people online and climbing up in the rankings.

Available on PC

5. Extraordinary Ones

(Image credit: NetEase Inc)

Here’s another MOBA that is exclusive to mobile devices, and it brings a peculiar premise for the genre. It’s an anime-based entry where you can find known characters such as Izuku Midoriya, the lead character of My Hero Academia, and in which this foundation influences every nook and cranny. The characters are flashy and vibrant, movement and combat are really different from regular MOBA experiences, and the art style helps to take everything and make it all come together. Even if you’re not into anime, it’s still worth a try, especially if you’re looking for something modern that differentiates from the rest significantly.

Available on Android, iOS

4. Smite

(Image credit: Hi-Rez Studios)

Smite is an interesting entry in this list, and a title that certainly knew how to stand out back in 2014. The essence of MOBA games is there from the beginning, but the key difference is that you’re commanding champions - in this case, they are gods instead, from Zeus to Ra and Ganesha - from a third-person perspective. Each encounter with the enemy team feels visceral and tangible, and the extensive and varied list of abilities and powers to use in the battlefield make for some interesting battles and synergies to try out. Recent collaborations, including one with Avatar: The Last Airbender, really showcased how much there is still left to come, and its player base remains as big as ever.

Available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

3. Heroes of the Storm

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Blizzard released Heroes of the Storm back in 2015, creating a multiverse of sorts where some of the most iconic characters across franchises like Diablo, Starcraft and Overwatch joined forces together, and battled in all sorts of familiar maps and arenas completing objectives. The biggest highlight, however, lies upon the dynamic of each match. Ask anyone who plays MOBA games and they will tell you that teamwork is important. But here, teamwork is key to success. Activities from collecting gold coins and then making a deposit to summon cannons that damage the enemy base or using seeds to call a massive monster are only a few examples, and that’s what makes this title so interesting, and different, from the rest.

Available on PC

2. DOTA 2

(Image credit: Valve)

Technically the sequel to Defense of the Ancients, DOTA 2 is now a Valve game, and has been maintained and grown over the years. It offers a rather strict experience that isn’t as welcoming to new players as others on this list, but what it offers hasn't been matched to this day. Ask anyone who plays DOTA 2 and they will likely tell you about their thousand hours put into the game over the years. The immense community behind it can be found both on Steam’s marketplace and all around the world with official tournaments. Details such as Announcers from games like Portal, Bastion, and Deus Ex, as well as a gigantic roster of champions to choose from make Dota 2 one of the pillars of the genre.

Available on PC 

1. League of Legends

(Image credit: Riot)

Riot Games as a studio has been increasing in popularity ever since the release of League of Legends back in 2009. It was, and still is, the first entry into the MOBA genre for hundreds of thousands of players. Its vibrant cast of characters and their flashy skins always made it stand out, along with the cartoon-like art style that joins everything else together. It’s an ever-shifting experience, as champions go through reworks and balances constantly. But it’s also one of the most friendly examples of the genre out there. The endless progression and often overwhelming array of items, currencies, runes, and unlockables will have you playing for years.

Available on PC