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Battlefield 1 will get its 10th map as free DLC on December 20, also a grenade-shooting crossbow

Battlefield 1's 10th multiplayer map will be released to the world (war) as free DLC on December 20. EA and DICE published a brief teaser trailer for Giant's Shadow to illustrate the announcement; on top of a new environment inspired by the Battle of the Selle, the DLC also introduces the best/dumbest idea for a new weapon I've ever heard: a grenade crossbow.

That's a crossbow that launches grenades, not a crossbow made out of grenades. Although… nevermind, I can't afford another emergency room visit.

You'll be able to load the crossbow with either fragmentation or high-explosive grenades based on your personal explosion preferences. I'm already looking forward to the highlight reels full of would-be Rambos accidentally blowing themselves up.

If you pre-ordered Battlefield 1 or own the Premium Pass you'll get Giant's Shadow a week early on December 13. The first paid DLC expansion, They Shall Not Pass, is still scheduled to arrive in March 2017.

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