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Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler guide


Just north of Penitence Bridge, you'll find another puzzle on a rooftop. This one's quite simple. You need to command the Riddler bot to bring the trophy to you, so use the Voice Synthesizer to do so. Just be sure to use the Remote Hacking Device to temporarily blind the sentry gun monitoring the path.


On the Urbarail track that runs along the border of these two areas is a caged trophy, but to get it, you'll need to head all the way to GCPD. On the south-facing wall is a console you can power up with the Batmobile winch. Doing so frees the trophy and starts a timer. You'll have to rush back to it and quickly grapple up to the track to grab it before time expires. The only way to do this effectively is to gun for the edge of the docks facing the Lady of Gotham, eject, and grapple-launch your way there.


There's a courtyard to the west that also serves as a border. Head there and look for a cracked wall high up on a house. Shoot through with the Batmobile's cannon to find a trophy on the other side.


In the same courtyard is a shutter with a winch hook. Use the Batmobile to rip it off, then head inside for a simple Riddler puzzle. Step on the pad to reveal the trophy, then grab it with the Batclaw. A cage will then rise around you, so switch to the Batmobile remote controls to pull it out of the way.


Head to the damaged roof of the building that held the previous trophy to find this amongst the rubble.

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